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The hero of Bloodlines 2 will be a “super vampire”. He can get the skills of all clans

The developers of Vampire: The Maquerade – Bloodlines 2 continue to share details of the future game. This time they talked about leveling up: it turns out that gamers will be able to gain access to the abilities of different clans in one playthrough.


The screenshot shows the Brujah clan’s Taunt skill, which causes enemies to attack the protagonist

One of the key features of the original Bloodlines was the abundance of different vampire clans to which the main character could belong: this determined the set of abilities and made the passages completely different in terms of gameplay, up to the need to move exclusively in the sewers or changing all the protagonist’s lines.

The authors of the sequel decided that this approach was outdated, and therefore the hero of Bloodlines 2 can get any abilities he wants – to do this, he needs to drink the blood of representatives of the right vampire dynasties in the right volumes. At the same time, gamers will still be able to choose their affiliation with four different clans: Brujah, Tremen, Ventrue and Banu Hakim. Apparently, this will determine some innate skills and characteristics that will subsequently be impossible to change.

Let us remind you that the release of Vampire: The Maquerade – Bloodlines 2 will take place this fall on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, but fans have already buried the project in absentia and believe that the authors completely do not understand the essence of the original game.


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