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The healthiest way to cook eggs has been identified

The specialist spoke about this in an interview with Sputnik radio. She noted that eggs are the most valuable nutritious food.

This is the best protein in the ranking of proteins, it is ideally easy to digest and has an ideal amino acid composition, even better than meat. The yolk contains lecithin, which affects vision, and vitamin A in ideal form, and many trace elements. “, – Dianova drew attention.

At the same time, the product can be digested in different ways depending on the preparation method. It turned out that the easiest way for the body to assimilate eggs in the form of an omelet. Further, in terms of the complexity of assimilation, there is a poached egg and an egg benedict, and then boiled, fried eggs and a raw egg.

News stories cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Before making a decision, consult a specialist.

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