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The head of Nvidia: “The global shortage of chips will not end soon, there is no panacea”

On Tuesday, Nvidia presented a lot of new products at the GTC conference, and after the event, the head of the company, Jensen Huang, gave an interview in which he shared a forecast regarding the shortage of components in the market. Alas, there is nothing positive in this forecast.

«The global chip shortage will not end soon, there is no panacea“- this is how Jensen Huang described the situation. And he added: “I think that next year the demand will still far exceed the supply. Fortunately, we have several channels, our supply chain is diversified, and our company is quite large, we have a large ecosystem around us.».

Here we are clearly talking about the divisions of Nvidia, which the shortage of chips either did not affect, or touched the least extent, but the video card is still one of the most important businesses of Nvidia, and it suffers more from the shortage of components. Apparently, this deficit will last the entire next year, so there is no point in counting on a decrease in the cost of video cards, especially when altcoins are growing and Bitcoin is storming new heights.


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