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The hassle of going to the service center to fix iPhone speaker is over! Repair will be done at home

New Delhi. After buying an iPhone, getting repaired becomes very expensive. Also, after using the iPhone for some time, the speaker gets a bit dirty. When it gets dirty, the sound in the speaker of the iPhone is reduced. If this is happening continuously then you go straight to the service center, but it is not necessary to do this every time. In some easy ways, you can repair iPhone at home too. Today we are going to tell you about some such methods.

Can clean with brush-

You can also use a brush to clean iPhone speakers. The speaker of the phone can be easily cleaned with a brush. But you also need to be very careful while doing this. Because one mistake can cost a lot. After placing a light thinner or petrol on the brush, the speaker of the phone should be cleaned. The specialty of petrol and thinner is that it also flies away after being cleaned.

Cleaning can also be done with air pressure-

If the sound is heard in the iPhone, then it should be understood that the speaker of the phone is getting dirty. There are several methods that can be adopted to clean it. Air pressure can also be used to clean the speaker of the phone. When the air pressure is hit, all the dirt from the speaker of the phone comes out and it gets completely cleaned. If you do not understand this, then you can also take the help of an engineer.

Speaker would be clear even by heating-

The iPhone has a layer on top of the speaker. You can also use heating technology to clean its panel. In heating technology, all the dirt accumulated in the speaker of the phone can be easily brought out. Engineers usually use this technology. If you also want to use heating technology, then you must first remove its display panel. Along with this, many delicate parts of the phone are removed thoughtfully.

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