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The graphics will be even more fun in the February update of PUBG: New State!

The February update of PUBG: New State will come with better graphics, says the game’s development team. In the new update, many improvements will be made to the graphics of Troi Map. With the game’s 0.9.23 update, its season 1 has also started. The update, announced by the developer last week, brings new game modes like BR: Extreme, P90 SMG, gun customization and improvements to the weapon balance. Crafton has also talked about solving the problem of match making. 

In a tweet , the development team of PUBG New State has said that they are working on the graphics of Troi Map so that players’ eyes are not stressed while playing the game. After improving the graphics, the position of enemies in the game can be detected from a distance. However, the team did not specify which areas of graphics they are working on improving. 

After the update 0.9.23 of PUBG: New State, Season 1 of the game’s Battle Pass has started. This update has started rolling out for gamers. Players can also win free rewards in this. A new game mode BR Extreme has also been included in this new update. Only 64 players can play in this game mode. The game begins with a P1911 handgun, smoke grenades, 300 drone credits, and a fully charged boost meter. Players are kept in a small area in it, which is in the Troi map itself. The duration of each match is 20 minutes. 

Apart from this, Crafton has also made new weapons, weapon customization and other improvements to the game. Now the P90 SMG comes with 5.7mm ammunition in the game. This new gun has also been included in the Drone Store. New suppressors or flash hiders also come for the DP-28 rifle. Apart from this, the stock of M762 assault rifle has also been given. The new update also brings improvements to the player’s action and animation, including parkour roll and sudden dash movement. 

Crafton shared another piece of information via a blog post in which the company said that it is also working on issues encountered during match making and will be resolved soon. Some players were facing problems in match making, which the company has said to fix soon.

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