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The Google search engine has updated its algorithms. What will change?

Google spoke in its blog about new methods of combating low-quality content in search results. Now two more categories of information will be considered spam, and the likelihood of “junk” sites getting into the top search results is significantly reduced.


Now sites in search results will be more strictly ranked by quality. The company does not disclose the composition of the selection algorithms, but it is known that now content created specifically for website promotion will be determined better by the system and will no longer be included in the top. For example, Google is now better at identifying portals and pages created for “specific search queries” rather than people. The company estimates that this will reduce the amount of unoriginal and low-quality content in search results by 40%.

In addition, Google has expanded the concept of spam to two more categories. The first includes low-quality materials posted on reputable sites in order to take advantage of the trust of their users. For example, when an article reviewing payday loans appears on an educational resource. According to the company, this may confuse users, and such content will be flagged as spam by the algorithm starting May 5.

Domains with expired expiration dates and new “junk” materials will also receive a similar “black mark.” For example, in order to increase search rankings for an unoriginal or low-quality site, users may post new content on older sites, causing visitors to mistake the new content for time-tested and authoritative content. Such sites will also lose their positions in searches.


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