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The geyser that heats water without electricity has arrived, people are buying it from here for Rs 2500

New Delhi. In the winter season, the electricity bill becomes a big tension for the people. If you are also facing this problem and want to buy such a geyser, which saves electricity, then this can prove to be the best for you. Gas Geyser can also be a similar option for you, which can prove to be much better for you. Also you do not need electricity for this.

You can buy Gas Water Heater from Indiamart. In this you get the biggest feature, it heats without electricity. You will need LPG to heat the water. With the help of LPG, you can easily heat water. That means you are going to get hot water without electricity. You can buy this geyser for just Rs.2500.

Salute Gas Geyser Buy Online-

Salute Gas Geyser can also prove to be the best option. You can easily buy it from Indiamart. The price of this geyser is Rs.5,375. 1 year warranty is being given by the company. It comes in White color option. It heats water with gas. Also, it is very easy to apply it at home. It also becomes very easy to fit it at home.

6Ltr Gas Geyser Option-

Capacity 6Ltr Instant Gas Geyser is also one such product. It works with the help of gas. This can prove to be the best option for heating water. Also, you can easily hang it on the wall. Due to the capacity of 6 liters, you will not have any problem in using it. That is, easily you can use it for the whole family.

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