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The GDDR7 video memory standard has been adopted. It’s twice as fast as GDDR6

The Semiconductor Engineering Standards Committee (JEDEC) has officially adopted the new JESD239 Graphics Double Data Rate (GDDR7) SGRAM memory standard. One of the key advantages over GDDR6 is the twice the bandwidth.


According to the published specification, GDDR7 bandwidth is 192 GB/s per chip. This should meet the demand for high throughput in graphics, gaming, computing, networking, and artificial intelligence scenarios. In particular, it is the first JEDEC DRAM to use a pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) interface for high-frequency operations. Its PAM3 interface improves power efficiency and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for high-frequency operation, and improves data transfer rates per cycle.

In GDDR7, compared to GDDR6, the number of independent channels is twice as large, that is, four. Another feature is support for chip densities from 16 to 32 Gbit, including support for dual-channel mode for doubling throughput.

“JESD239 GDDR7 marks a significant advance in the development of high-speed memory. With the transition to PAM3 signaling, the memory industry has a new path to improve the performance of GDDR devices and drive the ongoing evolution of graphics and various high-performance applications,” said Mian Quddus, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JEDEC. 

Micron announced the release of GDDR7 memory chips last year and intends to launch production in the first half of this year.


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