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The game of Window and Split AC is over, the new AC has arrived, there is a rush to buy

New Delhi: AC starts from the window. After window AC, the demand of split AC is increasing in the market. But, split AC has to be hung on the wall. Along with this external unit has to be kept outside. But, now a new type of AC has entered the market. Which is known as portable AC. It is obvious from the name itself. No need to hang this acili on the wall. No need to put it on the window. This is its special feature.

Increasing demand for portable AC
A portable AC can be used as a cooler. Can also be shifted from one room to another. Therefore, the demand of this portable AC is increasing especially in the city. Portable ACs have lower electricity bills as compared to other ACs. Can also be operated at low voltage.

What are the advantages of portable AC?
Portable AC has both advantages and disadvantages. If you know about the benefits, you can take it anywhere. This means that there is no need to keep the fix in one place. There are different sizes of AC available in the market. But, it also has some disadvantages. If you are buying a portable AC for a large room, there is no guarantee that it will cool the entire room. Because, it is not designed for a large room.

Portable AC Price
You can find the price of portable AC in the market starting from Rs. 25 thousand. A good portable AC can be purchased. Portable AC can cost up to Rs 35,000. Portable AC comes with 5 star rating. This AC is in budget. Portable AC can be purchased on installment basis. This AC is good for someone living on rent.



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