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The founder of Figure AI is confident that robots will be akin to smartphones

The founder of Figure AI is confident that robots will become as ubiquitous as smartphones.

Brett Adcock, founder and CEO of Figure AI, believes that in the future, every person will have their own robot. According to Adcock, robots will become commonplace, much like cars and smartphones did in the past. The adoption of new technologies, such as the next version of OpenAI’s language model, will further enhance their popularity.

Figure a. I.

Brett Adcock, head of Figure AI

Previously, Brett referred to 2024 as the year of “embodied AI,” suggesting that artificial intelligence will increasingly take on physical forms in the near future. This trend is evident in the advancements made by leading technology companies, including Tesla.

OpenAI has played a significant role in advancing this field with the development of visual and language models. Additionally, neural networks enable robots to perform more agile movements. With the release of the GPT-5 language model, the potential for such advancements will expand even further. These innovations will contribute to the widespread adoption of AI-based robots.

“It’s akin to owning a car or a smartphone today,” says Brett Adcock.

For instance, Tesla’s Optimus can already execute various tasks, such as yoga. Boston Dynamics’ Atlas can tumble in factory conditions, showcasing its agility. Moreover, Unitree Robotics’ H1 humanoid robot recently achieved a running speed of 11.9 kilometers per hour, setting a new record.


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