Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The former Russian plant Hyundai renamed into «Automobile plant АGR»

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The former Russian automobile plant Hyundai Motor in Sestroretsk, which was purchased by the company «Art-Finance», received a new name.

As reports insider telegram-channel «Autostream», the enterprise renamed into «Automotive Plant АGR» («Auto Plant АGR»). Corresponding information is contained in the discharge EGRUL.


The Russian company «Art-Finance», which owns the largest Volkswagen plant in Russia, closed the deal to acquire the Hyundai plant at the end of January. She became the new owner of the assets of LLC «Hende Motor Manufacturing Russia» in full volume. Activities «Hende Motor Manufacturing Russia» include two production sites, which are located in Sankt-Peterburg.

Then it was announced that the factory would be renamed and reopened to offer Russians «reliable, affordable and comfortable cars».

«Autostream» first reported that «Gazelle NN» and «Sobol NN» will receive ESP, told about the new version of «Sobol NN», about improvements Lada Niva Travel and Niva Legend, about the transfer of the Russian plant Volvo to a private investor.

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