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The Five Most Bad Brain Foods

A number of foods have a negative effect on thinking ability and overall brain health. They were listed in the Al Arabiya article by Dr. Uma Naidu.

Uma Naidu, a professor at Harvard Medical School and psychiatrist, has compiled a selection of five foods that are best avoided in order to keep the brain healthy until old age. Research has shown that avoiding the following foods altogether or cutting down on food intake can reduce your risk of developing dementia.

  1. Added sugar… If you eat a lot of sugar every day, your brain glucose levels will also rise. And this, studies show, will impair memory and reduce the plasticity of the hippocampus. The American Heart Association also notes that men are better off not eating more than 36 grams of sugar a day, and women – more than 25 grams.

  2. Fried dishes… Scientific studies show that eating too much fried food decreases learning ability and increases the risk of depression.

  1. Carbohydrates that significantly increase blood glucose levels… Foods rich in carbohydrates and starch are absorbed by the body in the same way as sugar. That is, they can increase the likelihood of depression, but it is important to understand that these include foods high in sugar, such as white bread, potatoes, white rice.

  2. Alcoholic drinks… As Uma Naidu notes, drinking alcohol increases stress levels and only intensifies the brain fog.

  3. Nitrates… Such substances increase the risk of depression and affect the intestinal flora in such a way that a person can develop bipolar disorder.

News stories cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Before making a decision, consult a specialist.

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