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The first Steam Deck at Avito: you can drop your jaw on the floor from prices

Official sales of Steam Deck did not start in Russia, and taking into account recent events in the world, it is not known when this will happen. However, the first batch of consoles still arrived in the country – through the efforts of speculators. On “Avito” there were offers that are unlikely to please buyers.


By the time this article was written on Avito, you can find about a dozen offers for the sale of Steam Deck. Prices start at 305 thousand rubles, others sell consoles for 500 thousand. At the same time, in dollar terms, Steam Deck costs 32-52 thousand rubles: speculators inflate prices, no less, ten times.

Player.One journalists requested a comment from a speculator who put up an astronomical price tag of half a million rubles. What created such a value? Author’s spelling and punctuation preserved:

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Go to Europe, spend money. Buy there for 1500 euros, if at all, buy at your own risk. Fly back after spending money. So that’s how it comes out. Don’t ask dumb questions.

There is nothing to add. However, it is likely that some especially wealthy people can afford such a purchase. Although, maybe it would be more expedient to go to Europe on your own.


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