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The first orbital launch of Starship is getting closer: SpaceX encourages employees to move to the spaceport for a pay increase

SpaceX is currently making adjustments to the operation of its SpaceX Starbase spaceport, in connection with which it made an unexpected offer to its employees.

SpaceX has announced a salary increase for employees who will move to work at a spaceport in south Texas. For such employees, the salary will increase by 10-25% depending on the position.

The company also increased the hourly wages of employees working at the SpaceX Starbase launch site. In addition, the company plans to give performance awards to its employees next year.

The SpaceX Private Spaceport is a production site and test spaceport near the town of Boca Chica, Texas. Its goal is to provide SpaceX with a launch pad, mission control center, and a unique assembly facility for the production of Starship spacecraft.

According to the latest news, SpaceX intends to conduct the first orbital flight of the Starship spacecraft this year. In 2021, SpaceX reportedly won almost $3 billion worth of lunar spacecraft contracts from NASA. That same year, SpaceX planned to make the first Starship orbital flight, but plans were shelved due to delays in the project schedule and regulatory approvals.

Now the first orbital launch of SpaceX Starship can take place as early as December this year.

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