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The first buyers of the iPad Air 5 complained about the build quality of the tablet

Shortly after the presentation, the new Apple tablet began to receive the first reviews – and not all of them were positive. One of the Reddit users announced a decrease in the quality of the assembly of the gadget compared to its predecessor, and collected a lot of similar comments.

Apple iPad Air 5

“I ordered and received two iPad Air 2022s today and I am a little shocked. The aluminum back is much thinner than the iPad 4 I also have. The battery almost “shines” through the cover when you hold the device. Both iPads make creaking sounds when held in your hands. On the iPad Air 4, this was not the case, ”says the owner of the gadget.

Many commentators agreed with this characterization – some even published videos with a visual demonstration of the problem. In addition, some owners of new products announced the occurrence of a creak even with light pressure on the tablet display. It is curious that in the reviews published earlier, this feature of the gadget was not mentioned. Apple has not yet commented on user complaints.

The key features of the iPad Air 5 are the M1 processor, support for 5G networks in the modification with a SIM card, a USB Type-C port instead of Lightning, and an updated 12-megapixel front camera with Center Stage support. The price of the gadget starts at $599.

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