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The first 3D video since the launch of the Apple Vision Pro lasts only a few minutes More hype than 3D content?

Apple’s much-anticipated Vision Pro headset was unveiled in February, promising a “breakthrough” experience for immersive video viewing. However, two months later, the reality falls short of expectations.

According to Ars Technica, the recent release of a five-minute MLS video marked the first sports content available for the device post-launch—a modest offering following a prolonged content drought, as noted by the editor. While the headset effectively showcases 2D content, its touted 3D capabilities seem lacking.

The initial episodes of immersive videos—”Adventures,” “Prehistoric Planet,” and “Wildlife”—have not seen any new additions since their launch. The only available 3D content is a brief video featuring Alicia Keys.

Despite the Vision Pro’s augmented reality (AR) capabilities surpassing those of virtual reality (VR), it falls short in providing the same level of immersion as its competitors. The App Store offers a limited selection of 3D content, with most apps merely projecting 2D images into a 3D space.


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