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The father sold fruits on a cart and worked at a dhaba himself; He used such a mind and made a company worth Rs 400 crores.

Success Story: RS Kamat’s father used to earn a living for his 7 children by selling fruits and wood on a cart. When he grew up, he went to Mumbai to work with his brothers to help with the responsibilities of the family. Here he worked at a dhaba.

RS Kamath Success Story: Success is not dependent on anyone. Every effort made with dedication and honesty can take you to new heights. The success of any person decides both the direction and condition of the coming generations. Today we are telling you about the story of a person who was born in a very poor family, but he wrote the story of success for the coming generations and built an empire worth billions. A person whose father used to sell fruits from a stall in the village, but he did something that no one could even think of.

who is this person

The name of the person we are talking about today is Raghunandan Srinivas Kamath (RS Kamath). Kamat was born in a poor family in a village in Karnataka. Despite this, he did not lose courage and on the basis of his hard work has today created an empire worth Rs 400 crore. His father used to somehow earn a living for his seven children by selling fruits and wood on a cart. When Kamat grew up, he went to Mumbai to work with his brothers to take up the responsibilities of the family.

Kamat’s brothers, who were running a dhaba
named Gokul in Mumbai, also employed him. Kamat thought of doing something different after seeing Custer coming to the dhaba and buying ice cream after eating. He was still thinking about this when he got married in 1983. After this he decided to start an ice cream business. His financial condition was not good at that time, so his step was a bit difficult.

Started the business of Pav Bhaji,
later on 14 February 1984, he started an outlet in Juhu by the name of Naturals Ice Cream Mumbai. The specialty of his ice cream was that its taste was completely natural. But not many people came to his ice cream parlor. He was very worried about this. He was always thinking about taking the business forward. After this he started making spicy pav bhaji with ice cream. People who come to eat pav bhaji, eat the spicy food and then eat Kamat’s cold and sweet ice cream. From here his ice cream started getting recognition.

Initially these flavors were prepared.
When Kamat started the work, he first prepared ice cream with the flavors of mango, chocolate, custard apple, cashew and strawberry along with fruits, milk and sugar. There was no adulteration in the ice cream, gradually people started liking the taste of the ice cream. After this people’s confidence in him increased. After a few days, he stopped selling pav bhaji and continued the natural ice cream parlor. Kamat’s Natural Ice Cream is recognized across the country today. Today Natural has around 150 outlets across the country. This ice cream company, which started with 5 flavours, is now providing 20 flavors of ice cream to the people.


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