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The expert told why Russia will not fight with Ukraine. Sanctions have nothing to do with it

In fact, the author believes, Russia will not start a war. This is due to the huge costs for it, as well as the likelihood of economic problems, political risk, and many deaths.

And on the whole, possible sanctions will not be able to influence Russia enough for the authorities to change their policy. Moreover, they will only strengthen the country’s position. In general, the West proposes to take measures related to the personal assets of Russian businessmen and politicians in Western countries, Russia’s sovereign debt, the country’s financial system, and gas sales.

Even if politicians and businessmen of the Russian Federation are deprived of the opportunity to rest and live in Western countries, they will spend their holidays in Russia: for example, in Siberia and Crimea. They are also ready to keep their finances in the form of shares in Russian business. As a result, they will become more dependent on the Kremlin.

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