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The expert told how to deal with spam on social networks and instant messengers

According to the expert, each social network and messenger has its own ways of fighting spam. On Instagram, it depends on the type of account. For business accounts, there is an alert setting that can be turned off for group add requests. You can use auxiliary applications DMpro, Parasite, DoInsta, Tooligram, Chotam, StarComment. For private accounts, you can set up a private mode and set the rules for adding to groups.

Facebook uses the “Complain” button to combat spam. Group administrators can set up a list of questions for candidates to join. For this, there is a section “help for the administrator”. There is also a Potential Spam folder on Facebook, into which questionable messages are moved, and the user already decides what to do with them.

In WhatsApp, you need to configure the “Privacy” section. According to Pyatunin, in the latest version of this messenger, users can choose who from the list of contacts can invite them to groups. In Telegram, bots help fight spam. For a small community, a simple bot moderator @combot is enough. The application helps to moderate the activity of new members of the group: temporarily prohibit the addition of pictures, restrict the sending of messages by timing. As the expert noted, for large groups, you will have to use large bots with captcha verification tools and other means.

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