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The expert explained why the Tor browser has no chance of bypassing blocking in Russia

According to the expert, in Russia, the official departments will be able to block access to Tor, blocking the browser website has already been successfully started. MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele2 and other mobile operators have already joined the restrictions.

Roskomnadzor and operators block Tor using special technical means of countering threats (TSPU), this is a highly effective method. And users, in order to use the browser, need to connect to the input nodes – nodes and in the same way go out of the network. Therefore, Roskomnadzor will begin to block not only Tor itself, but also nodes, and this will lead to the inability to use the browser network.

“As a browser, it encrypts traffic when you are inside, but it can still be tracked at the entrance and exit. The browser distributes traffic over a network of “nodes” – thousands of servers built and maintained by volunteers to ensure security and anonymity. Every time you connect to Tor, it starts building a fast and secure route made up of these nodes. There are input, weekend and intermediate nodes, ”Kuvikov emphasized.

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