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The European Commission approved USB-C as a single charging port. And set my sights on wireless charging

The European Commission has made a final decision about a single charging port. From 2024, all devices sold in the EU must be equipped with a USB-C port. An exception may be those devices that are thinner than the connector itself.

The new rules will apply to a wide range of portable devices:

    • Cell phones;

    • tablets and e-books;

    • digital cameras and game consoles;

    • headphones and portable speakers;

    • wireless mice and keyboards

    • portable navigation systems;

    • laptops (40 months after entry into force).

This approach will reduce the amount of e-waste, because various chargers “provide” 11,000 tons of e-waste every year. The innovation will also save users money and time, as they will not have to look for a suitable charger.

The new law also implies special labeling for devices. It will be located on the packaging and will notify the buyer whether the charger comes with the device, what power it has and other characteristics.

In addition, it is reported that the European Commission plans to standardize wireless charging. They said that this technology could become available to more devices if different protocols are compatible with each other.

Previously reported that by the fall of 2024, the iPhone will definitely switch to USB-C.

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