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The Edge browser has become much less “gluttonous”

The “anniversary” Microsoft Edge 100 received not only improved protection against phishing, but also other useful features. One of them is the new tab hibernation scheme. According to the developers, it will save up to 99% of CPU resources and up to 85% of RAM when working with the browser.

Microsoft Edge

In previous versions of the application, tabs were not hibernated if both the active page and the background page were used simultaneously to access web content concurrently. With this issue resolved, the browser can effectively put 8% more tabs to sleep to speed up other processes on the PC.

You can enable the new mode in the browser’s main menu (three dots to the right of the profile name in the upper right corner of the window, “Performance” item). The corresponding information window will also display the number of tabs in hibernation mode and the amount of saved RAM. You can also manually set exceptions for sites whose tabs you want to always keep active in the Edge settings (under “System and performance”).

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