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The Doroni H1X aircar fits in a regular garage [VIDEO]

Florida startup Doroni Aerospace has unveiled a new model of a flying car with vertical take-off and landing functionality. The H1X can reach a speed of 200 km/h, and its power reserve is enough for 40 minutes of flight. But what makes it stand out most is its unusual appearance.

The company’s previous model made its first manned flight in June 2023. In the new version, Doroni Aerospace used propellers located on the blades of each of the four wings, as well as on the rear of the body. The 612kg H1X can carry up to 200kg of payload. Additional items can be placed between the pilot and passenger seats, as well as in the luggage compartment. 

The H1X takes off with the press of a button. The closed design of the blades better suppresses noise and reduces the risk of accidents associated with small objects and birds getting into the structure. The speed of the propellers slows down as the speed of the air vehicle increases. The model is also equipped with collision avoidance sensors and a parachute. 


The dimensions of the H1X allow it to fit in a regular garage, and energy can be replenished from a regular charger for electric vehicles. Fully charging the battery takes about 25 minutes. To obtain a flight license to fly it, you must undergo 20 hours of training.

By the end of 2024, the startup will conduct full-scale flight tests of the prototype, and mass production of the H1X is planned for 2026. The approximate cost of such an air car is from $300,000 to $400,000.


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