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The doctor told about a healthy salad for the New Year’s table

Russian nutritionist Yana Grishina decided to share the secret of this dish. According to the specialist, if a person adheres to an active lifestyle, then even the most harmful salads are unlikely to affect his figure.

Otherwise, in the absence of a physical activity regimen, it is worth making a choice in favor of more healthy dishes. For example, for the New Year, Grishina suggested making a salad from simple, light dishes.

The recipe for such a treat is quite simple. Use 1/2 can of canned red beans, one red onion, two cucumbers, two tomatoes, two hard-boiled eggs, two tablespoons of 10% sour cream.

To the above ingredients, add 200 g of boiled or grilled chicken fillet. The specialist suggested using mustard and salt as a dressing.

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