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The doctor revealed the recipe for dietary Olivier

Dietitian of the SberZdorovye medical online service Margarita Makukha said that it is not necessary to give up Olivier for the New Year because of its calorie content, and shared a recipe for a version of the salad that is less harmful to the figure.

First of all, Makukha advises replacing boiled sausage with boiled beef in order to slightly reduce the harm of a dish loved by Russians. The thing is that sausage contains a large amount of preservatives and trans fats. Beef, on the other hand, should not contain any preservatives or additives, it also has more protein and less fat.

She also advised to reduce the amount of sugar and salt in the salad by removing pickles from it, replacing them with fresh ones. She recommends making mayonnaise yourself, because it is more natural and healthier than store-bought mayonnaise, and dressing your salad with it. That way, you get a salad made with a healthier recipe with half the calories, the nutritionist said.

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