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The doctor revealed the danger of self-“prescribing” antidepressants

Russian psychiatrist, president of the Independent Psychiatric Association of Russia, Yuri Savenko, warned about the dangers of using antidepressants without a doctor’s prescription.

According to the specialist, such “independence” threatens with a number of problems, including violations of both the physical and spiritual state of a person. This is due to the fact that the combination of psychotropic drugs is “a whole complex science.”

Depression is fraught with suicidal risk and extreme behavior, when a person in this state of mind can go towards danger. There are latent, hidden, disguised depressions under the guise of something harmless, somatic, ordinary. And self-medication can blur the picture even for a narrow specialist.

Yuri Savenko

Supported by a colleague and family psychotherapist Natalia Naumova. She noted that it takes a person about a month to get used to antidepressants. If this process is carried out less smoothly, then you can face sleep disorders, additional anxiety, unfounded fears, etc.

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