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The doctor named drinks for protection from colds

Nutritionist Evgeny Arzamastsev told what drinks should be consumed during colds.

According to Arzamastsev, first of all, citrus juices need to be included in the diet due to the high amount of vitamin C they contain. You can make a mix, for example, from an orange with a kiwi. Also, in the season of colds and various acute respiratory viral infections, you need to drink tea with additives, for example, with lemon and honey, which cope well with pathogens. This includes the use of rosehip decoction.

The expert noted that it is important to make fruit drinks from berries, they also contain a lot of vitamin C and other useful substances. Freezing berries should be shock-free, and the temperature for preparing the drink should not exceed 60 degrees.


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