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The doctor called foods dangerous for the liver

According to the specialist, the most dangerous for the liver is fried food, with a lot of toxins formed during frying. This also includes fatty and spicy foods. You should also pay attention to seasonings – they should not be in the diet for liver diseases. The only seasoning that is allowed in such cases is bay leaf.

Alcohol is no less dangerous for the liver, all the more problematic. Its use destroys the “building” cells of the liver – hepatocytes.

Also, the doctor advised to refuse or eat with caution exotic fruits, vegetables and delicacies brought from other countries.

“If a person is completely healthy, then he can eat everything, if the food is well tolerated and absorbed by the body. If a person is in a state of exacerbation of chronic diseases, for example, the gastrointestinal tract, then he needs to follow special diets. Fried foods and spicy foods should be excluded, ”Moysenko emphasized.

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