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The delivery boy duped Charles Sobhraj too! Biggest theft of iPhone

Nowadays, iPhone or Apple devices are being considered as a status symbol. Now due to increasing popularity, these devices have also become the target of thieves. Thieves look to make a quick buck by stealing new devices and selling them in black. One such incident happened recently. A delivery boy, while delivering 10 iPhones, replaced them with fake iPhones. According to PTI news, the delivery executive of an e-commerce firm in Gurugram stole 10 iPhones and used genuine iPhones while delivering them to customers. Replaced with a fake iPhone. Later, a complaint was lodged by Ravi against Matrix Finance Solutions, the company that delivered the Amazon parcels.

In his complaint, Ravi has alleged that on March 27, a delivery executive named Lalit delivered 10 iPhones and one Airpods to a consumer. However, instead of delivering the parcel, Lalit replaced the iPhone with his replica. After this, he got his brother to return the devices to the company saying that the consumer could not be contacted. However, on the return of the parcel, the company found that the packaging had been tampered with. To check this, the company opened the packet and found fake iPhones inside.

Subsequently, charges under sections 420 (cheating), 408 (criminal breach of trust by an employee) of the Indian Penal Code were filed against Lalit at Bilaspur Police Station. Police is trying to nab the accused, who is currently absconding.

Delhi mall filled as soon as Apple Store opened

A similar incident regarding the theft of iPhone was also reported in Seattle, US. In this case, the thief had stolen 436 iPhones worth Rs 4.10 crore. By making a tunnel in the Apple store, the thief entered the store where the stock of phones was kept. According to local news, the thieves made a hole in the bathroom wall and entered the back room of the Apple Store. They stole iPhones by bypassing Apple’s security system.

It then cost Seattle Coffee Gear $900 to have its locks replaced and between $600 and $800 for bathroom repairs.


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