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The dark theme of the Google search engine has become truly black

It became known that Google has begun testing a new dark theme for its search engine. Whereas previously in this mode the pages took on a gray tint, now they become truly black (color code #000000), which will be especially noticeable on devices with OLED and AMOLED screens.

According to reports, Google began testing the new dark mode a few months ago, and earlier this month it was announced that it became available to a wider range of users. Google’s new dark theme is currently only available to select users and is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

To activate the new dark theme, just go to the “Settings” menu of the Google search engine and activate the “Dark theme” option. After that, the theme will turn black or the pages will turn gray if the new option is not yet available. This innovation can be useful, since using a dark theme should help save battery life on devices with AMOLED displays.

When exactly the new dark theme may become public is currently unknown. Most likely, this will happen after the developers have carried out the necessary testing and made sure that the option functions properly.

source: The Verge



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