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The dangerous new strain of coronavirus found in Africa

According to the specialist, the danger of the new strain is that it was found in Africa, from where it begins to spread throughout the world. There are many people with acquired immunodeficiency in Africa, so there are many AIDS patients. Due to such conditions, the virus could mutate repeatedly. And how much the existing vaccines are able to cope with it is unknown.

As noted by Chumakov, those variants of viruses, in this case the coronavirus, which originate in immunodeficient people, are the most dangerous. Therefore, strain B.1.1.529 may turn out to be more aggressive and disease-causing than even Delta.

“Naturally, now we need to study all the properties of a new strain in order to assess how much the vaccines that are now in the world will be able to prevent diseases with this new strain, and this is a very important question, because if it turns out that vaccines do not suppress it, then It will be necessary to urgently make a version of the vaccine based on a new strain, which will protect against this strain too, ”the expert summed up.

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