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The current Xbox Series S console doesn’t handle A Plague Tale: Requiem well

The game A Plague Tale: Requiem some time ago surprised with very high system requirements, and today we can make sure that the project really turned out to be very resource-intensive, which is why one of the modern consoles copes with it far from being as good as with many others games.

Recall game requires GeForce RTX 3070 to run at maximum quality settings and 60 fps, but only in Full HD. As you can see in the video, the Xbox Series S, which is technically far from such requirements, handles the game quite poorly. At the same time, we recall that Microsoft itself claims that the Series S is designed for 2K resolution, not Full HD.

On the one hand, it provides stable 30 or even 40 fps depending on the mode, on the other hand, it all works only in Full HD resolution, while Series X and PlayStation 5 provide 1440p resolution without any problems.

The comparison video shows well that the picture on the Xbox Series S is noticeably lower quality, and the textures are less clear. And this can be seen not only in static frames, but also in dynamics.

When it comes to comparing Series X and PS5, there is not much difference between them. A top PC with an RTX 3090 naturally delivers better quality at higher resolutions.

By the way, you can see that the system requirements of the game cannot be called too high. The RTX 3050 only delivers 30-40 fps at 1260p, and that’s when using DLSS.

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