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The cryptocurrency market is falling: Bitcoin fell in price to the September level, Ethereum costs about $ 3.2 thousand

The most popular cryptocurrency in the world Bitcoin continues to fall: over the past week, the price of bitcoin dropped by 11.4%, and for one coin they give only 41.8 thousand dollars, although at the beginning of the week the currency cost about 47 thousand dollars.

As we already reported, the situation in the cryptocurrency market worsened due to the unrest in Kazakhstan, which began earlier this year. Bitcoin’s market capitalization has dropped to $ 791 billion. The course returned to the September level.

The popular cryptocurrency Ethereum has fallen in price over the past 7 days by 13.2%, it now costs about $ 3.2 thousand. At the same time, the market capitalization of Ethereum decreased from $ 451 billion to $ 386 billion.

Solana lost as much as 18.2% over the week, and the rate fell to $ 138.8, the Shiba Inu rate dropped 14% to $ 0.00002903, and Dogecoin fell 10.3% to $ 0.1523.

So far, no one knows when the market will turn in the direction of growth.

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