Monday, March 4, 2024

The creator of the snowmobile «Sherp» showed in fact a new all-terrain vehicle with a clearance of 420 mm and large load-carrying capacity.

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The creator of the snowmobile «Sherp» showed the test of his new off-road pickup. In the video, a prototype truck is demonstrated, which easily copes with deep ruts, covered with liquid mud and snow. Even on snowy cross-country roads the new vehicle manages to handle large wheels, powerful suspension and traction engine AG-34. The price of this universal SUV has not been revealed yet.

Alexey Garagashyan is responsible for the creation of AG-34, famous for his projects in the field of off-road vehicles. Unlike the well-known «Sherpa» the new pickup has a hood assembly, spring suspension and a powerful 240-horsepower diesel engine YMZ-534. According to its characteristics AG-34 unified with Nizhny Novgorod «Sadko».

The main goal of the project was to create a truck that would be passable, easy to maintain and easy to repair. The vehicle has a high ground clearance of 420 mm, minimal entry/exit angles, and high wheels allowing it to successfully overcome deep irregularities. Mass AG-34 in working condition is 3,2 t, lifting capacity – 1,5 tons, but if necessary it can be overloaded in two.

Alexey Garagashyan is sure that the pickup will perfectly suit ordinary Russians who live in hard-to-reach areas. The important moment is the absence of imported components and the possibility of transportation AG-34 in normal freight. It is expected that the price will be announced in the near future.

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