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The creator of Dogecoin with a market cap of $ 8,000 million earned only $ 3,000

Dogecoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the project mime-coin. The total market cap of Dodgecoin is around $8,000 million (approximately Rs.6 lakh crore). Now if you are thinking that its creator will have a lot of money because of this project, you are probably wrong. Dodgecoin co-creator Billy Marcus has told in a long thread on Twitter that he has not made as much money from this project as people think. Apart from this, he also vented his anger on online scammers.

Billy Markus, who runs a Twitter handle named Shibetoshi Nakamoto, has told that he has earned only $ 3,000 (about Rs 2.26 lakh) by developing Dogecoin. He has also admitted that the talk of earning so little stings him very much. He used the word ‘salty’ (salty) to explain this.

Marcus wrote in the tweet (translated), “People always call me Salty. Of course I am Salty! I made $3,000 from creating a cryptocurrency with a market cap of $80 billion.” He further wrote, “Watching scammers make millions [money] all day + strangers attack me all day, who wouldn’t be salty.”

After earning $3,000 to create DodgeCoin, a Twitter user wrote that $3,000 was enough for his modest coding. To this Marcus disagreed, writing , “You’re not wrong, but still, given the total actual hours I put [on the project] into it (beyond initial build) it’s probably less than minimum wage.”

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In 2015, Marcus sold his coins to pay rent. At the same time, Dogecoin’s other co-creator, Jackson Palmer, also decided to withdraw from the project. Marcus also later decided to leave the project. In response to a question from a Twitter user, Marcus admitted that he was disappointed at the decision to sell all the coins in 2015.

Recently, Marcus criticized the creators of Shiba Inu by pointing out that they make “vague promises” to attract investors to the project. As reported by Cryptopotato , Shiba Inu criticized Shiba Inu’s new Metaverse project from Ethereum as a “random metaverse” and “selling fake land” and said he would be angry with the project if he were a SHIB holder.


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