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The course turned around: already 60 rubles per dollar and 62 rubles per euro

Today, the dollar and the euro continued to rise in price, as evidenced by the data of the Moscow Exchange. The Russian currency fell to 60 rubles per dollar this afternoon, while the euro rose to 62 rubles per euro.

Just yesterday, the dollar and the euro reached a maximum against the ruble since June 20, while the exchange rate was 56.51 rubles per dollar and up to 58.9 rubles per euro. Today, the fall of the ruble has accelerated, it is depreciating as quickly as it rose in price in June this year. At the end of June, the record was updated when the exchange rate was almost 50 rubles per dollar and less than 54 rubles per euro.

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov previously statedthat the government does not rule out foreign exchange interventions to stabilize the ruble.

Head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina notedthat the Central Bank adheres to the policy of the floating exchange rate of the ruble. According to her, the desire to artificially return the exchange rate to the levels that were under the old conditions is fraught with the risk of devaluation.

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