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The country’s most expensive Rakhi is being sold for Rs 5 lakh! Know what is its specialty

Most Expensive Rakhi of India: The festival of Rakshabandhan (Rakshabandhan 2022) has special significance in Hindu festivals. This year this festival will be celebrated on 11 August 2022 (Rakshabandhan 2022 Date) i.e. tomorrow. On this day sisters tie rakhi in their brother’s hand and bless him a lot. Along with this, she wishes for a long and happy life and brothers promise to protect their sister for life. As the festival of Rakhi approaches, the market is filled with many colorful Rakhi. Rakhi of 20 rupees to thousands of rupees are being sold in the market, but do you know what is the cost of the most expensive Rakhi?

India’s most expensive Rakhi is being sold in Surat city of Gujarat. Hearing the price of this Rakhi, your senses will fly away (Most Expensive Rakhi of India). This Rakhi is worth Rs 5 lakh. This Rakhi is made of Gold, Diamond, Platinum. This Rakhi is looking like a jewel in sight and its price and beauty remains the center of discussion.

Many expensive rakhis being sold in Surat
Let us tell you that from thousands of rupees to lakhs of rakhis are being sold at this jewelery shop in Surat. This also includes Rakhi worth up to Rs 5 lakh. Many expensive metals like gold, platinum, diamond have been used to make Rakhi worth Rs 5 lakh.

The price of this Rakhi remains the center of discussion all over the country. Along with this, many other types of rakhis are also present at this jewelery shop in Surat. This Rakhi is made of gold and silver. Jewelery shop owner Deepak Bhai Choksi told ANI that brothers can use this Rakhi as jewelry on normal days. Along with this, the owner of the shop told that rakhis ranging from Rs 400 to Rs 5 lakh are being sold here.

Slowly changing the way of celebrating the festival
There was a time when sisters in India used to celebrate the festival of Rakhi by tying a silk thread around their brother’s wrist, but with the changing times the meaning of this festival has also changed. Now many types of fancy rakhis are also available in the market, whose cost is in lakhs. Along with this, there have also been major changes in the way brothers give gifts to sisters in this festival.

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