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The color of your Smartphone tells how human you are..

New Delhi. Do you also think while buying a new smartphone, what color will it be? If yes, then let us tell you that the color of your smartphone shows what kind of person you are. Color psychologist Mathew has told about the personality traits associated with different colors. What color smartphone we choose, it shows how we are in real life and our nature. Let us know about the different colors of smartphones and their associated traits.


Let us tell you that according to Mathew, people who buy a black colored smartphone can have the qualities of esotericism, seriousness, power and professionalism. It can also be said that people who buy black colored smartphones believe in privacy and have the power to handle the toughest of situations well.


According to Mathew, if your smartphone is of white color, then you are very interested in cleanliness and are engaged in it all the time. You do not judge people, listen to people’s views with an open mind and your standards are also very high. White color symbolizes simplicity and peace, which can be your nature.


Normally people don’t buy a red color smartphone but if you have a red color phone like iPhone Red, then you can be the kind of person who loves to interact and get attention. habit of doing. You may have feelings of lust, aggressiveness, impulsiveness and competition.


People who use blue colored smartphones are considered calm who do not like people’s attention. These people think a lot, are careful in life and take all their decisions very carefully. According to Mathew, people who use blue colored smartphones are unique and they can also have creative talent.


People who use gold colored smartphones are considered to be very kind. Also, they have attachment to attachment and money. They take care of how much money they are earning and what is their place in the society. Such a person wants people around him to know how successful he is and how much money he has. According to Mathew, those who use gold colored smartphones like luxury things.

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