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The bottle was floating in the sea for 32 years, there was a letter inside, people became emotional after reading the message

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Message written in 1992 found in 2024Image Credit source: Facebook/@AdamTravis

Many times something decades old is found on the sea shore, which is surprising. Recently something similar was found in Shinnecock Bay of New York. This was a glass bottle. Now you will think what is special in it, then it was not any ordinary bottle but it was floating in the sea for the last 32 years, and there was also a letter in it. Yes, you have read it right. After writing the letter, someone sealed it in a bottle and threw it into the Atlantic Ocean.

This letter was written in 1992 by students named Shawn and Benny, studying in the 9th class of Mattituck High School in New York. The students had thrown this bottle into the Atlantic Ocean near Long Island as an Earth Science project. In the letter, the students had written that they should fill the given information and return the bottle to the given address. He wrote the address of the school.

According to nypost, a person named Adam Travis found this bottled letter in Shinnecock Bay. After this, he shared pictures of the bottle and the letter on a Facebook page called Mattituck High School Alumni. When Benny Dorosky, one of the students who wrote the letter, saw the post, he became emotional. Earth science teacher Richard E. Brooks has been remembered in the post.

Benny wrote, Mr. Brooks was a wonderful teacher. Can’t believe this is 32 years old. I would like to meet the person who found the bottle. His wish was also fulfilled when Adam replied to his comment. He told Benny that while he was cleaning duck hunting equipment, he noticed a bottled letter on top of a pile of debris.

Adam Travis

At the same time, teacher Brooks’ son John became very emotional when he saw this post. He said, I am very emotional. Papa loved doing such activities with the students. This is no less than a momento for me. After this, John thanked Adam and told that his father is no longer in this world. He died of Alzheimer’s last year.

According to media reports, this is not the first time that a bottled letter has been found floating in the sea. Earlier in 1997 also such news had come to light. When a bottled message written by a fifth grade student from Massachusetts was found in Vendée, France. Apart from this, the letter written in 1972 was found in 2019.

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