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The biggest “Supermoon” of 2022: photo from the ISS

Today, the inhabitants of the Earth can observe an interesting astronomical phenomenon – the largest “Supermoon” of 2022.

In clear weather, anyone on Earth will be able to observe this phenomenon. But the Supermoon is also observed on the International Space Station. The press service of Roscosmos published a photo of the Supermoon, which was taken today by cosmonaut Sergei Korsakov from the ISS.

Supermoon on the ISS

Recall that the Supermoon is the moment when the full moon approaches the Earth at a distance closer than 362 thousand km and the moments of the passage of perigee and the full moon are no more than three days apart.

As experts in Roscosmos clarify, the coincidences of these two moments (perigee and full moon) happen every year, but close coincidences (less than 9 hours) are quite rare. On July 13, 2022, the difference between perigee and full moon will be just over 9.5 hours.

The biggest

Perigee occurred at 12:09 Moscow time. The moon approached the Earth at 357,263 km and was at its minimum distance from the Earth in 2022. The full moon will occur at 21:38 Moscow time. The full moon will appear above the horizon after 21:00 and around midnight reaches its maximum height above the southern horizon.

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