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“The best game of all time” was compared on PS4, PS5 and top PC. God of War just came out on PC yesterday

The source did a great comparison of the game God of War, which was recently named the best game of all time, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and top PC with GeForce RTX 3080. Moreover, in the latter case, the authors also compared different DLSS settings and even AMD FSR.

Of course, the picture on PS5 and PC is different from the picture on PS4 for the better. The difference is not critical, but noticeable, especially at close approximation. But between the new Sony set-top box and the top-end PC, the difference is often barely noticeable. Here it is worth mentioning that on PS5 the game is in backward compatibility mode, so it does not have any special improvements for the new console.

In terms of performance, on PS4 the game always runs at 30 fps, on PS5 it is already 60 fps, and the RTX 3080 without DLSS produces about 65 fps, that is, it performs only slightly better than the PS5. True, DLSS allows you to raise the rate over 100 fps.

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If we talk about comparing DLSS and FSR, there is a slight advantage for the first, but you have to look for it at high magnification.


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