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“The best coupe within a million.” Demand for Nezha S is very high

Nezha’s main electric vehicle models sold by Nezha are Nezha U and Nezha V. The Nezha S coupe on Nezha’s latest Shanhai platform is a new model.

Zhang Yong, CEO of Nezha Automobile, said that “Nezha S is the best coupe within a million” (author’s note 1 million yuan or $140,000). At the same time, in the maximum configuration, the car costs about 48 thousand dollars. Demand for the model is very high, with over 15,000 pre-orders.

The car has dimensions of 4980 x 1980 x 1450 mm and a wheelbase of 2980 mm. It received an L4-level unmanned driving system, a remote call function, and automatic parking. For this, two lidars and 13 cameras are installed.

Nezha Automobile also reported that deliveries of its vehicles amounted to 18,005 units, up 134% from a year earlier. From the beginning of the year to September, inclusive, deliveries amounted to 111,190 units, which is 168% more than a year earlier.

Shipments of the Nezha V series totaled 11,935 units, up 138% from last year. This model is predicted to become the sales champion among all-electric crossovers. Compared with other Chinese car manufacturers, Nezha Auto performed better than Weilai, Ideal, Xiaopeng and others.

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