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The bat and the bat for gaming lovers! Fortnite is back on iOS and Android, will be able to play the game for free

New Delhi. After a long wait of almost two years, the Fortnite game has been made available on iOS, iPadOS and even Android. Fortnite is being brought under a partnership between Microsoft and Epic Games. It is one of the most popular battle royale game available on the Xbox cloud gaming platform. It is being made available as a completely free game.

For nearly two years, both Apple and Google were waging a court battle with Fortnite’s creator Epic Games. Because of this, Fortnite has been given access to the App Store and Google Play was removed from the store. Since then, Fortnite players were no longer able to play the game on their mobile devices. However, until now playing Fortnite on any Apple device was less than a headache. With Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Anyone with an account can stream the game on their device. Be it iPhone, Android or Windows PC… there is no need to even take Xbox Game Pass key members as this game is free-to-play for all.

Microsoft said in a press statement, “This is just the beginning for us. We are implementing feedback and over time will be bringing even more free-to-play through the cloud to players. Fortnite USA, Will be made available for free in 26 countries including Australia and Japan. However, we have to note that Xbox Cloud Gaming is not available in India, so users in India will not be able to play Fortnite through Xbox Game Pass.

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