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The bank gave a blow to the customers using ICICI PayLater service!

ICICI PayLater Service: If you use ICICI Bank’s Pay Later Service, then this news is of your use. Customers who use ICICI Bank’s pay later service will now have to pay an additional service charge for this. Earlier, customers would not have to pay any kind of fee for availing this service. The bank has fixed the service charge according to different amount. This rule of the bank is for customers using ICICI PayLater service from April.

Customers will have to pay so much charge
The bank has given its website information about ICICI PayLater service. According to this information, if a customer uses ICICI Pay Later service up to Rs 1000, then he will not have to pay any service charge. At the same time, people using Rs 1001 will have to pay service charge.

According to the information given in the bank website, if you use an amount from Rs 1001 to Rs 3000 as ICICI Pay Later, then you will have to pay Rs 100 as service charge. On the other hand, on the amount ranging from Rs 3001 to Rs 6000, you will have to pay Rs 200 as service charge. On the other hand, ICICI PayLater service users will have to pay a service charge of Rs 300 for an amount ranging from Rs 6001 to Rs 9000.

What is ICICI PayLater Facility?
Let us tell you that ICICI PayLater service is a kind of credit service according to which you can spend first, after which you have to pay its bill. After using this service, customers have to pay you money within 30 to 45 days. With the help of this service, even those customers who do not currently have money in the account can shop. Bank customers can use ICICI PayLater through both UPI and net banking. Customers can activate this service through iMobile App, Internet Banking and Pockets App.

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