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The asteroid coming at a speed of 65 thousand kilometers per hour will be closest to the earth today!

The number of asteroids coming towards Earth has increased significantly recently. In the last few days, many asteroids have been warned by space scientists. Although there are many asteroids in space which are traveling, but when they turn towards the earth, they can also become a threat. Recently, the asteroids passing near the earth are increasing.

Now another asteroid is coming towards the earth, whose size is being told as 96 feet wide. On August 18, an asteroid passed near the Earth. Now two days after this, i.e. today on August 20, an asteroid is going to pass close to the Earth. NASA also talked about it on the Asteroid Tracking page. information has given. It is named Asteroid 2022 QC. On August 20, this asteroid will be closest to Earth. Being closer means that the chances of the planet’s gravity pulling it towards it are greatly increased.

This asteroid belongs to the Apollo group and was identified only on 6 August 2022. It is at a distance of 18 lakh kilometers from the earth and is being told to be 96 feet. This airplane-shaped asteroid is moving at a speed of 64,800 kilometers per hour. However, no threat has been expressed about it so far. Today it will pass closest to the earth, it has been said.

It is not an easy thing for the Earth to escape from the asteroid. So far very few asteroids have been reported that threaten the Earth. How harmful an asteroid can be depends on its size and direction. But due to the gravity of the intervening planets, they change their direction and can also become a cause of danger. NASA has said that there is no danger to the Earth from any asteroid recently. Yes, but in 2030 a large asteroid named Apophis will pass very close to the Earth. The sight will be quite amazing, that being said.


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