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The American Samaritans

There are still good people in  & around the world. Perhaps that is why the world gets going, otherwise it would have collapsed both morally & ethically. As we all know, the dreaded HIV & AIDS has divested the entire world with its dangerous clutch of slow-poison death. It is a living death at your eyes only. But there are good Samaritans, who take all the pain with a smile to care, serve & motivate these people to live a little longer with dignity.

With a golden heart, more recently some Americans are adopting HIV & AIDS infected children, being driven by a desire for a social change. When Solomon Henderson of Ethiopia was a year old, his birth parents left him in a orphanage with a picture of Jesus, a plastic crucifix & a dreaded HIV infection. But when an American, Erin, saw this child, her heart stirred with pity & she decided to adopt the child. When she adopted this child, the orphanage people told her that he may not survive even for another week, but with much care & love of Erin, he is now two years old.

Now more & more Americans tend to adopt African HIV infected children as the statistics depicts. Figures from US- based Adoption Advocates International, the  agency that arranges the majority of HIV positive adoptions, show a clear & steady rise in adoption by Americans. Such adoption of Ethiopian HIV positive children by Americans was only two in 2005, four in 2006 & thirteen in 2007 but in the year 2008 there are 38 applications by Americans for adoption from Ethiopia. It is expected that it will increase in this year.The motivations of adoption of American good Samaritans are really heavenly like some driven by religion, some for a social change & some to bring a change in the mindset of people who conceive the idea that the disease is not manageable. In fact over the past decade, the HIV has become a chronic disease, rather than a death sentence. With medication, motivation & care the disease has become manageable now-a-days. So with this noble gesture of adoption of HIV children by golden heart Americans will  narrow the gap of life & death for these orphans who are deprived of human care.

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