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The airport authority’s report revealed, the number of passengers will double in the next three years!

Civil Aviation Sector: The number of passengers traveling by air in the country is continuously increasing. According to the latest report of the Airport Authority of India, a double increase in the number of people traveling by air will be recorded in the next three years. In view of this, the government is also emphasizing on more development works in the aviation sector and is trying to connect the small cities of the country by air. It has also been revealed in this report that in view of the increasing number of passengers, along with the number of airports in the country, the number of flights will also increase.

44 crore passengers will travel by air
In the current financial year, about 200 million passengers travel through flights in a year. In this, about 17 lakh flights are operated in a year in a year. At the same time, after three years, the number of these passengers will reach about 44 crores. In such a situation, the total number of flights will be doubled. This number will reach 33 lakhs.

Emphasis on growth of aviation industry
The Modi government is giving a lot of emphasis on the growth of the aviation industry in the country. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has told that about 21 new airports are being built in the country. The work of 8 has been completed and they are also operating. The work of the remaining 13 airports is also going on fast. These will also be started soon. After the start of these airports, the flight connectivity will get better.

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According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, a total of 153 airports are currently operating in the country and with the addition of these 13 airports, their total number will reach 170 airports. Along with this, the government is also emphasizing on cheap air travel from small cities. The 8 airports that have become operational are Kannur, Durgapur, Shirdi, Kalaburagi, Oravakal, Sindhudurg and Kushinagar airports.


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