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The AC of the old car will also give cool air like new, there will be a feeling of cold in the scorching sun

When the temperature starts increasing in summer, then the cooling of the air conditioner (AC) of the car decreases. Especially when the car is old then this kind of problem becomes common. However, it is not necessary that your car is old, because of this its AC is not giving cooling. Rather, using it incorrectly can also be the reason for not giving cooling. In such a situation, we are telling you such tips to use the car AC properly, which will increase its cooling.

1. Take out the hot air The

car is parked in such a place where the sun is coming on it, then it starts heating up from inside. In such a situation, it is necessary to normalize the temperature inside the car before using it. For this, open all the gates of the car. Now turn on the fan of the car. This will also remove the hot air coming from the fan. Now close the gate and then turn on the AC. Also keep in mind that it takes some time for the AC to give cold air.

2. Keep the window glass a little open
, if the car is parked in the sun during the summer, then one or two of its window glasses should be opened about half an inch. If there is a rain visor on the door, then the glass will not be known even if it is open. The advantage of this is that the heat that will be created inside the car will come out of these open glasses. In a way, these glasses will act as ventilation for the car. This will not cause much heat inside the car. Seat temperature will also be normal.

3. Close the fresh air point
There are two separate points for air in the car. In which one is fresh air and the other is the air inside the car. In the summer season, the points coming in from outside should be closed. This is necessary because if the AC is running inside the car, then hot air also comes along with fresh air from the outside point. Due to which the cooling inside the car is reduced. So always keep an eye on this point.

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4. Use of Knob with Multi Air Supply
There is a multi air transfer knob in the AC of the car. That is, the air moves along the front on the legs and all around. Should use it. Due to this the cold air spreads all around in the car and cools down rapidly. When the car cools down, you can fix it in any one direction. Keep in mind that every year the cooling of AC decreases by 15% or even more. In such a situation, get AC service done every 5 years.

5. Vacuum the AC point
Clean all the AC points in the car with the help of a vacuum. Sometimes dust starts accumulating at the points of the car. If this dust reaches inside the pipe, then the air blocks the way. In such a situation, less air comes from AC. Therefore, whenever you clean the car, make sure to vacuum at its air conditioner point. The more clean the pipe, the better the air flow.

6. Use of
Sun Visor Sun Visor should always be used in the summer season. It has two advantages. First, when the sun visor is installed on all the windows, then the sun does not come inside the car. Due to which the car gets less hot inside. Second, that the capacity of the AC increases. The sun visor should also be installed on the back glass of the car. From sun visors pasted on the glass to sun visors that are fixed with the door also come in the market. You can also use curtains.

7. All windows are properly closed and locked
while the car’s AC is running while driving, then all the windows of the car should be properly closed. For this you should check and lock all the windows. Many times when we open a small window during the summer days, then we forget to close it. Also, the people sitting at the back of the car open the window for some work and do not close it properly. In such a situation, the cooling of the AC comes out.


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