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The 5 Best Characters of March 2022 in Free Fire Max Who Will Win the Factory Roof Challenge

Characters have a very special role for the players playing Free Fire Max. If you want to win the Factory Roof challenge, you may need some special characters. In this article, we’ll go over the best characters in Free Fire Max after the OB32 Update who can win you the Factory Roof Challenge. 


K is one of the best characters to win the Factory Roof Challenge. His ability is called Master Of All, which makes him a great healer throughout the match. The ability of this character in Free Fire Max has two modes, Psychology and Jiu-Jitsu. One of these provides 3 Energy Points per second, while the other mode increases the conversion rate from EP to HP by 500%. 


Leon is also a great character, having been included in this game only a few months ago. You can also use this character if you want to win the Factory Roof Challenge. The name of its capability is Buzzer Beater, which gives users a chance to recover HP in minimum effort. 


Kla is also a great character to win in this Free Fire Max challenge , using which users can benefit. Its ability name is Muay Thai. This ability makes the player’s fist made of steel, allowing it to inflict up to 400% more damage to its enemies.


The name of the Wukong character is also quite famous in this game of Garena. The ability of this character is also very good. Its ability is named Camouflage, which can be of great use in the Factory Roof Challenge. Users can use this ability to shorten their target in battle.

DJ Alok

There is talk of Free Fire and the name of DJ Alok does not come up, it cannot happen. Players can also benefit greatly from using this character during the Factory Roof Challenge. The name of this character’s ability is Drop The Beat. With the help of this ability, users can recover 5 HP per second.

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