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The 3 best locations on the Bermuda Map to win matches in Free Fire MAX before the OB36 Update

The OB36 update is coming in a few days to Free Fire MAX. Before this update arrives, if you land or try to stay on these three locations on the Bermuda map, you can stay alive till the end and win the match.

In Free Fire MAX, it is very important for any player to be alive till the last to win the match. If a player is not able to survive till the last, then he loses the match. Now it’s a difficult task to survive till the last among 49 enemies. 

For this, players have to take care of many things. Location is one of them. In order to play Free Fire Max, the map you land on, which location you’re landing on, and the location you move around most of the time during gaming, are very important. We will tell you about Bermuda Map in this article. 

Best locations on the Bermuda Map

OB35 Update was released a few days ago in Free Fire Max and after a few days OB36 Update is also going to come in this game. Many changes are made in this game after every update and many new items are also included in the game. Even after the latest update in Free Fire Max, some changes have been made to the location of the map. With those changes in mind, let us tell you which are the three best places you can land or stay while gaming. 

Milky Way Strip

Bimasakti Strip is a small area, but it lies in the center of the Bermuda map between Peak and Clock Tower. The loot here is good and there is a fierce fight as soon as you land. This is the best place for aggressive gameplay . The experience here is quite similar to the Pochinki Map of PUBG Mobile.

Clock Tower

Like Bimasakti Strip, Clock Tower is also a hot-spot. The loot here is good but the players landing are too many. The two big houses in this area get the best loot, but due to the large crowd, you have to start fighting immediately.

Cape Town

Cape Town is on the side of this map so very few players land here. But the loot here is quite good. Cape Town’s buildings are also great for taking cover or attacking from cover. If the first circle is formed here then you will have advantage. Therefore, these 3 locations on Free Fire Max ‘s Bermuda map can prove to be the best for you.

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